Expertise and workflow

HTM Technologies has a strong position in markets demanding high-tech products for a reason. We have proven ourselves as a reliable supplier by delivering top-notch series that meet the requirements of very specific projects. HTM Technologies works through the entire lifecycle of its products and services: from design through to maintenance, repair and on site operations services. Delivering high quality is the main element in our DNA. Products are produced and delivered to the thousandth of a millimeter with the smallest possible tolerances. That’s our promise.

We have knowledge of application, development and manufacturing

  • Application know-how

HTM Technologies has broad specialist knowledge, gained from many successful projects
in various industries. In conjunction with our customers we evaluate the optimum products or solutions from our standard product range or alternatively define project-specific solutions.

  • Development know-how

Thanks to years of experience and consistent focus on technologies, we are in a position to continually develop our products and solutions and with this provide our customers with many technical advantages. FEM calculations and 3D simulation software make it possible for us to determine, whether the required specifications and characteristics can be achieved – all before the first prototypes are built.

  • Manufacturing know-how

HTM Technologies products and solutions are manufactured in our production facilities utilizing the most advanced manufacturing technology and highly specialised employees. The manufacturing process is subjected to demanding and application-oriented checks and inspections.


Project approach

  • Single point of contact
  • Project management (QLTC)
  • Risk analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Supply chain management
  • Configuration management
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Progress control
  • Quality assurance


A project of HTM Technologies means working with:

  • A structured process
  • High standards of quality
  • High traceability
  • Detailed and correct documentation
  • Solid results




HTM Technologies is the best one stop shop for high tech machining. The expertise and competences of HTM Aerotec, HTM PSM and HTM Precision complement and reinforce each other. Together they achieve great results.

We attach great importance to healthy relationships with external parties and consider sincerity of paramount importance. That is why we are happy to tell you how we achieve our results.



1. Planning and design

We provide clear estimates of planning and goals prior to projects. Preparation is key, especially given our high standards of quality. When we receive an assignment, we assess the project and make an extremely detailed plan. We pay a lot of attention to work preparation, specifications, certificates and the structure of our working method. The results of a project are already determined in the initial phase.


2. Production and performance

Each step of production contains testing in our measuring and testing rooms. This way we control the process and ensure an outcome of constant production. Each operation is checked by multiple eyes so that no errors are possible.


3. Delivery and documentation

Our products are delivered with the correct administration and documentation, as many of our clients require. Only when we have met all requirements, we can be satisfied with the results. We stand for what we achieve in all our projects: delivering complex technical productions of the highest quality.


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