Our team

Passion for technology

The high quality of our products is guaranteed by the professionals who work for us. Experienced and reliable employees with a big passion for technology. Throughout our company, a lot of value is attached to precise work and the delivery of a top product. We achieve this through an optimal cooperation between man and machine. Meet the people behind the controls, who make your project a success.

Our sales team

We help others achieve their goals. The success of our sale team is not based on how many deals they make. We look at the results of a project and the satisfaction of our customers.

“We enjoy solving customers’ problems. The fact that many of our partners work with us for a long time, confirms that we do our job well.”



Our HR professional

The quality of our work lies in the knowledge and skills of our people. We have a highly motivated team with exceptional technical and organizational skills. We value their happiness at work because we believe that happy and healthy employees do the best work.

Mariëlle van der Meché

HR Advisor

“A good product starts with people. We empower our employees and give them the chance to do what they do best and excel in their field.”

Our quality assurance team

It’s an ongoing process to secure and guarantee the quality of our products to meet the strict requirements and conditions of the industries we work for. Our margins of error are minimal, thanks to the dedication of our employees and the support of our quality assurance team. All together we assure the quality that you deserve.

Our managers

Leadership, project management skills and strong organizational thinking. Our operational managers are the ones who keep an overview of the workflow and manage operations and productions. They know how to achieve high level results by using the strengths of their teams.





HTM Aerotec

Dominic Horenberg

Operations Manager

“Our main topic is the that we deliver. We have proven ourselves as a reliable and flexible company with years of experience in large machining and all the knowledge in-house. We love to take on challenges together as a team and deliver a perfect product.”

Niek Post

Production manager

“Our company consists of highly qualified people working in a well structured process. Our colleagues are passionate about the work they do. They are professionals in the most absolute form, who deliver what is required time and time again.”

HTM Precision

Rob van den Puttelaar

Operations Manager

“We stand for high quality work and honest communication. Our experience, knowledge and craftsmanship ensure that we keep our promises.”


Production manager

“We are always looking for improvements in our process. If the production can be done faster, better or more precisely, we will be the first to do it.”


Rick de Jonge

Operations Manager

“First time right. That is our aim. By following good preparation and planning with thorough execution, we ensure a successful outcome.”

Marcel Mekkering

Project Manager and Lead Engineering

“We think in opportunities. We want to fulfill the customer’s request as good as possible. A project has been successful only when he is satisfied with the result.”

Finance & administration

Large, complex technical projects cannot be carried out without proper administration. In order to provide you with the best service, we ensure that all matters are well documented. Everything to achieve our goal: adding value to the customer.


HTM Technologies is hiring!

We work hard every day to help our customers with the best products and solutions. In order to keep making progression, we can always use skilled and motivated people.

Would you like to join our team? Click here to view our vacancies.

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