Social responsibility

HTM Technologies is a meeting point of knowledge, intellect, ideas, effort and exchange. We are a company characterized by cooperation, honest business relationships and the quality of people and products. The service and customer support we provide results in positive end results for customers and products that are sustainable and profitable.

As part of our social responsibility, we place great value on the following topics:

The values of our social responsibility are explained in more detail below. All these values together form our social responsibility and are depicted in the picture on the right.


Respect for wishes and needs of customers, for the people and their environment and for all employees who form our company.



We believe it’s our responsibility to come up with solutions that meet customers’ needs. Quality standards are sacred and we strive for them at all times. That’s the promise on which HTM Technologies is built.



Our people

HTM Technologies employees have a great sense of responsibility and a high level of commitment to our processes and products. Because our employees link enthusiasm to expertise, they have the right elements to deliver the quality that is required in our work. We stand for our people and are proud of the results they achieve. Read more.



New generation

Young employees are the future, we realize that at HTM Technologies. We offer young employees and students the opportunity to develop themselves through internships and training. Employees receive the attention they deserve and have opportunities to experience personal and professional growth.

All subsidiaries of HTM Technologies are BBL recognized training companies.

Check here our trainee posibilities


Healthy and safety

HTM Technologies facilitates its employees in achieving an optimal performance by offering them a safe and clean working environment. We provide protective clothing, shoes, glasses, ear protection and safety training and certificates for new working methods and machines. We set strict requirements for our factories and put the safety of our people first.


The health of our employees has always been at the heart of HTM Technologies strategic missions. Our objective of ‘zero accidents and work-related illnesses’ is a strategic commitment for both our subsidiaries and group as a whole. To support this commitment, HTM Technologies achieved the voluntary international certifications which certifies that health and safety measures have been implemented across all of our sites in accordance with the best international practices.

Added value

We try to add value to our customers in every possible way. This means that we are engaged in educating and assisting, after care, return packaging and cooperation with innovation centers and students. Read more.



We are on a constant quest for new materials and techniques for current and new applications. Innovation is an important part of our philosophy. HTM Technologies is always looking for opportunities to optimize our production process. Read more.




Being ecological responsible is also very important to our overall business strategy. HTM Technologies tries to contribute to a better world at every level. Our processes meet strict environmental requirements and we recycle as much as possible, from cooling fluid to remnants of machining operations. We believe that investing in the environment means investing in a sustainable future for the world. Read more.



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