Advanced aerospace and military module integration

HTM Aerotec is a first-tier world class supplier in high precision parts and mechatronical integrated modules. Active as a highly valued long-term partner for markets like aerospace and defence. With 50+ years of experience in the manufacture of high-tech structural parts distinguishes HTM Aerotec by their machining competences, methods and quality of results (proven with the AS 9100D Standard).


HTM Aerotec is your independent full service partner for prototype manufacturing, testing, and complete airworthiness certification. Our highly experienced teams work with you, utilizing our in-house instrumentation, software, tools, and processes every step of the way for efficient, cost-effective project completion.

HTM Aerotec is part of HTM Technologies, the best one stop shop for precision machining, large machining and sheet metal machining. HTM Technologies delivers high-tech systems, products and solutions for the world of tomorrow.

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HTM Aerotec takes care of the entire production process of advanced aerospace and military module integration. From manufacturing engineering, production and testing to certification and data analysis. A workflow designed to bring your product to the market quickly, efficiently, and on budget.

  1. Work preparation

Our work starts with an application. Based on the wishes and requirements, we map out the risks and plans. We start our quest for a solution for the specific customer problem. The promise we make and keep is a fast and reliable supply.

  1. Production

After planning, ordering components and a strict quality control, we start with production. First, we make a prototype that we share with the customer. If all assets meet the standards, we can make series. Every production is done with continuous quality controls to ensure top quality.

  1. Extradition

We deliver the products to the customer in perfect condition, within the set frameworks and with all necessary documentation.  We achieve our goal: highly professional and precise work within the set deadline and meeting all requirements.


Complex machining

  • Meeting very exact specifications and high accuracy
  • Turning, drilling and milling most materials


High Precision Machining up < 1µm

  • Grinding, welding (certified), heat treatment, CNC-Laser cutting and a lot more
  • Highly skilled professionals, state-of-the-art tools and advanced machinery
  • Quality assurance


High end large machining

  • Extreme accuracy, meeting high standards and delivering the best quality
  • Suitable for highly demanding technical industries


Precision sheet metal

  • Grinding, welding (certified), CNC-Laser cutting and a lot more
  • Highly skilled professionals, state-of-the-art tools and advanced machinery
  • Quality assurance



  • Advanced aerospace and military modules
  • AS9100D standard
  • Equipped for Prototyping and Serial production


  • High precision sheet metal components and advanced mechanical constructions
  • Highly complex modules and systems
  • Advanced assemblies


System Integration

  • Advanced Design and Simulation software
  • Precision Bearing Technology
  • Skilled and experienced workforce


Sheet metal assemblies

  • For Aerospace industry
  • In collaboration with  HTM PSM


Mechatronic modules

  • Development, manufacturing and optimazation.
  • Systems, modules and components
  • For international high-tech organisations and high-tech projects


Large machining

  • Matec double gantry MP-40-P, working range 10.500 x 3.400 x 1.350 mm
  • Bavius AeroCell 400-200, working range 4.000 x 2.000 mm
  • 2 x AXA VHC-3 XTS: working range 7.500 x 900 x 900 mm
BrandTypeMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. movement Z (mm)Pallets / RobotMax. speed RPMCharacteristics
HermleC3265065050024 pallets Hermle Robot18.00030 pallets + 192 tools
HermleC3265065050040 pallets Hermle Robot18.00030 pallets + 192 tools
HermleC42800800550Erowa Pallet Hermle Robot18.00032 pallets + 192 tools
HermleC42800800550Röhm Pallet18.0005 axis


BrandTypeMax. turn-mil, diameter (mm)Max. part, height (mm)Max. RPM, Spindle / PalletCharacteristics
GROBG550TØ90078510.000 / 80010 pallets, GROB automation
BrandTypeMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. movement Z (mm)Max. speed RPMCharacteristics (mm)
MatsuuraMC1000V1.0505905604.500Max. work 1.400 x 560, 4th AXIS
MatsuuraMC1000VF1.06052051015.000Max. work 1.000 x 510
MatsuuraMC600VF60042047015.000Max. work 880 x 440
MatsuuraV.Plus-10001.02055050012.000Max. work 1.150 x 550, 4th AXIS
MikronVCE16001.60081273010.000Max. work 1.590 x 790
MazakVTC3001.74076066012.000Max. work 2.000 x 760, 4th AXIS
MazakVCN5101.05051051012.000Max. work 1.300 x 550, 4th AXIS


BrandTypeMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. movement Z (mm)Pallets / RobotMax. speed RPMCharacteristics
MatsuuraMC9009507207602 Pallets12.000Max. work 600x600, 4th AXIS
BrandTypeMax. turning, diameter (mm)Max. part, length (mm)Max. speed RPMCharacteristics
TraubTNL26Ø322508.00013 axis, Driven Tools
OkumaLB45IIØ6001.0002.250Ø90 mm max. feed through
OkumaLB3000 EXØ5001.0005.000Driven tools, Ø80 mm max. feed through
VictorV-turn 2Ø2505004.000Driven tools, Ø50 mm max. feed through


BrandTypeMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. speed RPMCharacteristics
DeckelFP4NC3003006.300CNC controlled
BrandTypeMax. range (mm)PowerMax. thicknessCharacteristics
BySprintFiber 30153.000x1.5003 KW12mm Steel, 6mm Aluminium, 10mm StainlessWith automation system ByTrans 3015 Extended


BrandMax. range (mm)Additional information
Timesavers1.340For aluminium and stainless steel. For ultimate deburring, finishing, edge rounding, laser oxide and heavy slag removal.
BrandTypeMax Range X / Y (mm)Power (KW / Ton)Characteristics
ByStronicXpert 200L=3.000200 Laser Angle Measuring, Hydraulic Dynamic Crowning
Safane-Brake BL=3.000100Bending press
Roll Mill-L=2.050-3 rolls / Conical shapes


FroniusMIG/MAG TPS 2700 ALU-Steel / Aluminium1-
FroniusMIG/MAG TR ENERGY 4000-Steel1-
FroniusMIG/MAG V.S. 2500-Steel1-
RehmMIG/MAG Megapuls 280-Steel / Aluminium1-
FroniusTIG MW 4000AC/DC-1until 400 ampere
FroniusTIG MW 3000AC/DC-2until 300 ampere
RehmTIG Invertig Pro 240AC/DC-1until 240 ampere
StandardWelding procedure
EN 287-1:2004 (ASME IX, MIL-1595A)31052002/17
DIN ISO 24394
NEN ISO 3834-2
DIN 2303
ISO 9606-2:2004 (ASME IX, MIL-1595A)23102001
International welding specialistIIW Guideline "international welding specialist"
International welding practitionerIIW Guideline "international welding practitioner"
EN 719/Doc.EWF 411
IPC/WHMA-A-620ACertified IPC Specialist (Solder certificat)


CADSiemens NX / Creo / TopSolid
Catia 5 for Model Based DefinitionEnovia DMU
CAD/CAMSiemens NX / TopSolid / EdgeCam
Tool managementAPM (Advanced Production Management)
BrandTypeMax. range X (mm)Max. range Y (mm)Max. range Z (mm)Precision Linear error mμRingscan Tnorm mμCharacteristics
ZeissAccura1.2001.8001.000E=2.2 + L/3001,9 / Max.angle def. < 1.0"Manual pallet
ZeissContura G21.0001.200600E=1,8 + L/300-
DeaScirocco1.400860660E=2.8 + 4* L/1000-Software = PC - DMIS
CreaformMetrascan 750 EliteMax. range 16.6 m3 (586 ft3)0.064 mm (0.0025 in.) per 9.1 m3 (320 ft3)-Part Size Range (recommended) 0.2–6 m (0.7–20 ft.)

Overview of the construction site

  • Measuring chamber
  • Adjustment room APM system
  • Assembly clears
  • Turning department
  • Assembly Department (Assembly)
  • Quality department (measuring room)
  • Banking
  • Adjustment room (APM system controlled)


Quality certification

  • AS9100D, Quality management system – Requirements for aerospace, space and defence organizations
  • ISO – 9001: 2015
  • AQAP 2110
  • Certified welding (EN 287 / ISO9606) Customer audits

Quality control

  • Climate controlled production facility
  • Calibrated inspection equipment
  • First Article Inspection
  • Intermediate inspection
  • Final inspection
  • Measurement reports
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Documentation and traceability


Aerotec factory 1980s

Aerotec Factory 1980s

2020: Rebranding to HTM Aerotec, part of HTM Technologies.

2007: Introduction of new brand name Tecnovia covering all group activities.

2007 – 2020: Aerotec is part of the PM-Group.

2000: Integration of sheet metal and machining activities into electro-mechanical assemblies.

1992: MBO sheet metal activities from Thales.

1978: Start subcontracting activities in machining for Aerospace markets.




HTM Aerotec

Topaasstraat 24

7554 TH Hengelo, The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 – (0)74 255 40 40

E-mail: info@htm-technologies.com

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