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Projects for the aerospace, space and defence industry require precise and complex products in small and large scale sizes at close tolerances. HTM Technologies is the best one stop shop for these industries. Our vertical orientated manufacturing offers advanced in-house manufacturing technologies. Below we have listed a summary of services we offer. We have proven our craftsmanship in our many successful complex projects, and with the AS9100D certificate for our Quality management system, required for the highly demanding technical industries such as aerospace, space and defence organizations.


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Available services:

  • Vacuum technology
  • Machining
  • Deep hole drilling
  • Precision sheet metal working
  • Milling (3-, 4- and 5-axis)
  • Flat grinding
  • Coordinate grinding
  • Planing
  • Turning (with high accuracy)
  • Lapping
  • Honing
  • CNC-laser cutting
  • Bending
  • Glueing
  • Glass pearl rays
  • Machine deburring
  • MIG welding
  • TIG welding
  • Spot welding
  • Stud welding

Competences overview

Large machining

  • Extreme accuracy, meeting high standards and delivering the best quality.
  • Suitable for highly demanding technical industries.
  • State of the art machinery. Examples are the Handmann HBZ Aerocell, AXA VHC series and the Matec double gantry MP-40-P with 10.5 meter X-axis.
  • AS9100D Certified

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Precision machining

  • HTM Technologies is a leading specialist in the production and assembly of high precision sheet metal components.
  • Cutting area 3.000 x 1.500 mm.
  • High precision laser cutting with tight tolerances up to 0.015 mm.
  • Techniques used include cutting, CNC-milling (3- and 5-Axis) and turning.

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Complex machining

  • Climate controlled production facility.
  • Meeting very exact specifications and high accuracy.
  • Turning, drilling and milling most materials, like titanium, stainless steel, aluminium, inconnel and high-stress alloys.
  • CMM to log the data and guarantee that specifications are met.

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Precision sheet metal

  • Grinding, CNC-laser cutting and a lot more.
  • Highly skilled professionals, state-of-the-art tools and advanced machinery.
  • Quality assurance.

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End modules assembly

  • High precision sheet metal components and advanced mechanical constructions.
  • Extensive knowledge in the assembly of complex modules.
  • Advanced assemblies (for example for the aerospace and defence market).

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One stop shop system supply

  • Providing the entire production process from drawing to testing and delivery
  • Mechanical and mechatronic assemblies
  • Assembly of individual components to complete modules
  • Supply chain management
  • Precision, complex and large machining

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Surface treatment

  • High standard of craftsmanship
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Metal parts can be bead blasted, anodized, or powder coated.
  • The surface treatment is done in close relation with Surface Treatment Netherlands, by local partners.

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Large machining machinery

Large machining

  • Matec double gantry MP-40-P, working range 10.500 x  3.400 x 1.350 mm
  • Bavius AeroCell 400-200, working range 4.000 x 2.000 mm
  • 2 x AXA VHC-3 XTS: working range 7.500 x 900 x 900 mm

Matec double gantry MP-40-P

Excellent large part production

The Matec MP-40-P with 2-axis swivel head is a gantry machining center with tool system SK50|HSK-A100. The machine has been developed for machining of extensive and voluminous work parts in mold, steel and machine industries.

The application range mainly covers the manufacturing of 3D forms made of synthetic materials, non-steel metals and steel as well as machining of welding parts and plate-formed work parts. The high-performance motor spindle and constant speed 8.000 rpm provides for the optimal chipping of all materials in its class.


  • Stationary machine table and moving gantry enable highest workpiece weights.
  • Different workpiece weights have no influence on machine dynamics and precision.
  • The dynamic 2-axis fork head ensures strong construction at maximum feed force and at the same time guarantees the expected surface qualities on the workpiece. Both heads have direct measuring systems and selectable clamping.
  • A special feature is the enormous rigidity of the individual axes. Specifically, the design and stability of the Y and Z axis are essential for precision and surface quality on the workpiece. The special dimensioning of the gantry beam prevents the gantry beam torsion that otherwise occurs on comparable gantry machines when the Z-axis is fully extended. The Z-axis is designed as a carriage.
  • Due to the constant distance between carriage guide and spindle nose in contrast to the RAM construction, there is no movement-dependent deformations of the Z axis. This construction is the guarantor of aligned bores and free milling surfaces on the workpiece.
Performance ClassSK50|HSK-A 100
X-Axis3.000-10.500 mm
Y-Axis3.400 mm
Z-Axis1.350 mm
Speed Range8.000-15.000 rpm
Torque maximum530|360 Nm

Bavius AeroCell 400-200

  • 5-axis HSC horizontal machining
  • Highly dynamic machining of aluminium
  • High material removal rate and productivity
  • Integrated pallet changing system as standard
  • Significant reduction in machining times and costs per piece
  • High path velocities
  • Compact machine design with low space requirement
  • Fully enclosed workzone
  • Numerous options for automation available
Pallet size4.000 x 2.000 mm
Axies travel X/Y/Zup to 7.800 / 2.500 / 750 mm
Travel speed X/Y/Z80 / 80 / 80 m/min
Spindle speedup to 30.000 U/min
Spindle torqueup to 85Nm (S1)


  • Cross slides, travelling columns and spindle head stock are made from high-quality cast iron
  • Extremely rigid, static and dynamically well balanced ground frame construction
  • Direct measuring systems for X/Y/Z axes
  • Casing according to current machinery directives, totally closed working area with no interfering contours – also in pendulum operation mode
  • Total access to working area when doors are fully open
  • Excellent accessibility for maintenance and service tasks – Machine transport in one piece
X-traverse range vertical1.760-7.500 mm
Y-traverse range horizontal/vertical700 mm
Z-traverse tange horizontal/vertical850 mm
Maximum table load1.200 kg/m2

CNC 5-axis milling

Hermle C32


  • Traverse path: 650 x 650 x 500 mm
  • Body: ø 650 / H 420 mm
  • Collision circle: ø 840 mm
  • vertical table clearance: 600 / 635 mm



  • Speed: 15.000/18.000/25.000/42.000 1/min
  • Rapid traverse linear X-Y-Z: (60)–45 (60)–40 (60) m/min.
  • Swivelling rotary table: ø 650 x H 540 mm
  • table load: 1.000 kg


The high-performance line C 32 has a number of highlights to offer

  • The right chip disposal equipment for removing all types of chip from the working area.
  • This high-performance machining centre can be transported without being dismantled and set up without a foundation.

Hermle C42U

As a milling/turning centre, the C 42 / C 42 U MT responds to demands for highest precision and very small tolerances through its workpiece-dimension-optimized traverse paths and thought-through 5-axis usage. You can discover more details about the C 42 / C 42 U MT via the i-buttons in the 360 degree view.



  • Traverse path: 800 x 800 x 550 mm
  • Body: ø 800 / H 560 mm
  • Collision circle: ø 990 mm
  • Vertical table clearance: max. 700 mm



  • Speed: 15.000/18.000/25.000/42.000 1/min
  • Rapid traverse linear X-Y-Z: 45 (60)–45 (60)–40 (60) m/min.
  • Swiveling rotary table: ø 800 x 630 mm
  • Max. table load: 1.400 kg
BrandTypeMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. movement Z (mm)Pallets / RobotMax. speed RPMCharacteristicsLocation
HermleC3280060050032 pallets Hermle Robot18.00032 pallets + 498 toolsAlmere
HermleC3265065050024 pallets Hermle Robot18.00030 pallets + 192 toolsHengelo
HermleC3265065050040 pallets Hermle Robot18.00030 pallets + 192 toolsHengelo
HermleC42U8008006006 pallets Hermle Robot18.0006 pallets + 202 toolsAlmere
HermleC42800800550Erowa Pallet Hermle Robot18.00032 pallets + 192 toolsHengelo
HermleC42800800550Röhm Pallet18.0005-axisHengelo
HermleC800U800600500116.00030 toolsAlmere

CNC 5-axis turn-milling universal

BrandTypeMaximum turn-milling (mm)Maximum part height (mm)Maximum RPM Spindle / PalletCharacteristicsLocation
GROBG550TØ90078510.000 / 80010 pallets, GROB automationHengelo

CNC 3-axis vertical milling

BrandTypeMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. movement Z (mm)Maximum speed RPMCharacteristicsLocation
MatsuuraMC1000V1.0505905604.500Max. work 1.400 x 560, 4th AXISHengelo
MatsuuraMC1000VF1.06052051015.000Max. work 1.000 x 510Hengelo
MatsuuraMC600VF60042047015.000Max. work 880 x 440Hengelo
MatsuuraV.Plus-10001.02055050012.000Max. work 1.150 x 550, 4th AXISHengelo
MicronVCE16001.60081273010.000Max. work 1.590 x 790Hengelo
MazakVTC3001.74076066012.000Max. work 2.000 x 760, 4th AXISHengelo
MazakVCN5101.05051051012.000Max. work 1.300 x 550, 4th AXISHengelo
Mori SeikiMV-405504004008.00030 toolsAlmere
FehlmanPicomax 54 6003005009.000-Almere

CNC 4-axis horizontal milling

DMG Mori NHX5500

High speed

  • Rapid traverse rate X-, Y- and Z-axes: 60 m/min (2,362.2 ipm)
  • Acceleration: X-, Y- and Z-axes: 0.73 / 0.80 / 0.93 G {7.2 / 7.8 / 9.1 m/s2 (23.6 / 25.6 / 29.9 ft/s2)}
  • Cutting feedrate X-, Y- and Z-axes: 60 m/min (2,362.2 ipm)


High rigidity

  • Thick, high-rigidity bed
  • The 3-point support structure ensures a stable machine installation
  • Machining with shorter tools


High-precision equipment

  • High-resolution direct scale feedback
  • Draw-back function for through-spindle coolant
BrandTypeMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. movement Z (mm)ToolsPallets / RobotMaximum speed RPMCharacteristicsLocation
DMG MoriNHX550080080088024020 pallets16.000-Almere
OkkHM-461051056016032 pallets12.000-Almere
OkkHP500S61051056016032 pallets12.000-Almere
Mori Seiki(2x) SH-40355050050036030 pallets10.000-Almere
MatsuuraMC900950720760-2 pallets12.000Max. work 600x600, 4th AXISHengelo

CNC multi-axis turning

BrandTypeMax. turning (mm)Max. part length (mm)Max. speed RPMCharacteristicsLocation
TraubTNL26Ø322508.00013 axis, Driven ToolsHengelo
OkumaLB45IIØ6001.0002.250Ø90 mm max. feed throughHengelo
OkumaLB3000 EXØ5001.0005.000Driven tools, Ø80 mm max. feed thr.Hengelo
VictorV-turn 2Ø2505004.000Driven tools, Ø50 mm max. feed thr.Hengelo

Measuring machines and equipment

Wenzel LH1210

  • The Y-axis guide-way is machined directly in the base plate, providing optimal long-term stability.
  • Pre-stressed, encompassing air bearings in all axes.
  • Active pneumatic vibration damping (Premium and Premium Select models only)
  • Compact HT 400 control panel with central, logarithmic joystick, “mouse function” and context-sensitive function buttons. Selectable joystick’s axis assignment.
  • The X- and Y- guideways feature bellows protections against contamination.
  • High-speed-dynamic servo drives with position monitoring, combined friction power transmission.
  • Three-axis contouring controller with intelligent “look-ahead” function for application-optimised trajectory.
  • Automatic on-line temperature compensation with sensors on machine axes and workpiece (Premium and Premium Select models only).
  • Two-stage speed selection and variable speed adjustment (override 0-100%) in all operation modes, resulting in sensitive movement via joystick or in CNC debugging.

Technical specifications measuring machines

BrandTypeMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. movement Z (mm)CommentsLocation
WenzelLH 12101.2003.0001.000precision 2.6 µm+L/300Almere
ZeissContura G21.0001.200600precision 1.9 µm+L/300Almere
ZeissMC 850850700600precision 1.9 µm+L/300Almere
MitutoyoC 3200100-700contracerAlmere
ZeissAccura1.2001.8001.000precision 2.2 µm+L/300, Ringscan Tnorm 1.9/Max. angle def. <1.0" mμ, Manual palletHengelo
ZeissContura G21.0001.200600precision 1.8 µm+L/300Hengelo
DeaScirocco1.400860660precision 2.8+4* µm+L/1.000, Software = PC - DMISHengelo
CreaformMetrascan 750 Elite16.6 m3 (586 ft3)--precision 0.064 mm (0.0025 in.) per 9.1 m3 (320 ft3), Part Size Range (recommended) 0.2–6 m (0.7–20 ft.)Hengelo

Technical specifications measuring equipment

Ulm01-600DTo calibrate measuring toolsAlmere
MahrS3PRoughnes measurementAlmere
MitutoyoWizhardHardness measurementAlmere
Trimos (2x)TV 220Vertical measuring instrumentAlmere
Trimos (2x)V 600+Vertical measuring instrumentAlmere
MitutoyoLH-600EVertical measuring instrumentAlmere
Two way video endoscoopIT conceptRound 4mm length 1.200mmAlmere

Conventional milling

BrandTypeMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. speed RPMCharacteristicsLocation
DeckelFP4NC3003006.300CNC controlledHengelo

Conventional turning

BrandTypeMax. turning (mm)Max. part length (mm)Speed RPMLocation
SchaublinS 150Ø2006303.000Almere

Grinding or honing

BrandTypeMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. movement Z (mm)FeaturesLocation
Struder S20-2Cylindrical grinding200200650internal and externalAlmere
KellenbergerURF-320Cylindrical grinding6306301.100internal and externalAlmere
Hauser-SIP S40, CNC 311Coordinate grinding650450500-Almere
JungJ 525Surface grinding180180400-Almere
SunnenMBB 1660 GHoning holes---Maximum Ø30 mmAlmere

Fiber laser cutting

BySprint Fiber 3015 with automation system ByTrans 3015 Extended



  • Highest productivity
  • High degree of material utilization
  • Wide spectrum of applications metals like steel, aluminium and other
  • High precision up to a material thickness of 12 millimeters
  • Advantages of fiber laser: copper and brass cutting, high cutting speeds, equipped with nozzle changer.
  • Automatic height adjustment.

Technical specifications BySprint Fiber 3015

BrandTypeMax. range (mm)PowerMax. thicknessMaximum simultaneous positioning speedCharacteristics
BySprint Fiber 30153.000x1.5003 KW12mm Steel, 6mm Aluminium, 10mm Stainless140 m/minWith automation system ByTrans 3015 Extended

ByTrans 3015 Extended


  • Highest productivity for competitive fiber laser cutting
  • High degree of material utilization thanks to extra-long sheet formats up to 3 meters in length
  • Wide spectrum of applications for metals, like steel, aluminium and other
  • With up to 6 kilowatts of laser power, stainless steel is cut with high precision up to a material thickness of 12 millimeters
  • Fiber laser technology reduces operating costs by eliminating the need for laser gas and reducing power consumption

Technical specifications ByTrans 3015 Extended

BrandTypeNominal sheet size (mm)Load and unload sheet metal thicknessMaximum sheet weightNumber of cassettesLarge parts removalInsert protective separators
ByTrans3015 Extended3.000 × 1.5000.8–12 mm890 kg2xx

Brush and grinding

Time savers 42 RB rotary brush machine

For ultimate deburring, finishing, edge rounding, laser oxide and heavy slag removal.

The 42 RB brush machine offers the solution for the supply of premium quality products. This top quality is achieved through a multi-rotating brush head with eight abrasive flap brushes that deburr uniformly and round the edges of the metal perfectly. This machine can achieve a radius of 2 mm on mild steel and even more on softer material like aluminium.


WRB: (Deburing and edge rounding)

  • Deburring (extra head)
  • Edge rounding
  • Finishing


  • High quality and rapid production
  • Large variation of sheet thicknesses possible
  • Deburring, rounding and finishing in one processing step
BrandTypeMax. range (mm)Characteristics
Time savers42 RB1.340mmFor aluminium and stainless steel

Sheet metal working equipment

ByStronic Xpert 200

  • 200 ton press brake
  • Equipped with bending angle measurement
  • Offline programming option
  • 4th generation crowning system: reactive hydraulic dynamic
  • Crowning of the bottom beam
  • Material curve generator
  • Automatic tool protection
  • Laser Angle Measuring System (LAMS), version 4.0, motorized in Z-direction



  • Top-of the-range machine with very high position and repetition accuracy.
  • Worldwide, the most extensive database, which can be simply expanded with additional material characteristics and parameters.
  • The only machine that does not produce angle errors. It offers the highest repetition accuracy on the market.
  • First class bending results thanks to pressure reference technology with fully automatic dynamic crowning.
  • The wide range of equipment packages guarantee a customer-specific and flexible machine specification.
  • At the press of a single button, perfect bend results are achieved independent of operator knowledge.
  • Fully comprehensive CAD/CAM: there are only six mouse clicks between 3D data file and 3D part.
TonnageMax. 200 ton
Bending lengthMax. 3.100 mm
Open height500 – 650 mm
Standard stroke215 – 365 mm
Max. high speed130 mm/s
Max. working speed10 mm/s

Welding equipment

Technical specifications - Welding equipment

FroniusMIG/MAG TPS 2700 ALU-Steel / Aluminium1-
FroniusMIG/MAG TR ENERGY 4000-Steel1-
FroniusMIG/MAG V.S. 2500-Steel1-
RehmMIG/MAG Megapuls 280-Steel / Aluminium1-
FroniusTIG MW 4000AC/DC-1until 400 ampere
FroniusTIG MW 3000AC/DC-2until 300 ampere
RehmTIG Invertig Pro 240AC/DC-1until 240 ampere
StandardWelding procedure
ISO 9606-1
ISO 9606-2
International welding specialistIIW Guideline "international welding specialist"
International welding practitionerIIW Guideline "international welding practitioner"
IPC/WHMA-A-620ACertified IPC Specialist (Solder certificat)

Miscellaneous machining equipment

Machine / BrandTypeCommentsLocation
Air conditioning-CMM room ± 1°CAlmere
Air conditioning-Machining department ± 1 °CAlmere
Sigurd StenhojHydraulic press60 TonsAlmere
MegaHydraulic press30 TonsAlmere
HeraeusTU 60/60oven till 400 °CAlmere

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