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HTM Industrial Partner specialises in manufacturing or machining precision large components, with the complete manufacturing process taking place under our supervision. Do you need a reliable and expert supplier in the field of large and precision components? HTM Industrial Partner is the partner you are looking for. We manufacture and machine parts from all different types of material. We think along with you and put ourselves in your shoes, your company and your specific problem. Together, we come up with perfectly fitting solutions; exactly what you need.

HTM Industrial Partner has become a major player in the supply of large machining work, where quality and delivery reliability are key factors for success.

To keep up with future market developments, the organisation is further optimising its business processes.

This quality assurance and operational risk management system is an integral part of this strategy to secure future developments of customer requirements in a controlled and profitable activity.


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Reliable and expert supplier in the field of large parts.

We do what we say.

  • Flexible and efficient
  • Reliable supplier
  • Quality
  • Advisory role and commitment
  • Unburdening


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The success of our customers determines the success of HTM Industrial Partner.



HTM Industrial Partner wants to be a profitable market leader in the field of complete manufacturing and machining (machining) of (medium to) large products.
We want to achieve this market leadership by being a reliable supplier with a good balance between a certain quality, delivery reliability and flexibility.
Our added value must be visible and affordable for our customers.”
The scope in which HTM Industrial Partner operates (scope) is the manufacture and machining of precise and large parts for the manufacturing industry, with the complete manufacture taking place under the supervision of HTM Industrial Partner.


HTM Industrial Partners:

  • Aims to be a reliable supplier in machining accurate large parts for the Manufacturing Industry.
  • Focuses mainly on the companies that outsource work of large parts for the Manufacturing Industry mainly in the Netherlands and the neighbouring part of Germany.

The employee objective:

  • HTM-ip wants to offer its employees an inspiring, open and safe environment, where there is plenty of room for personal initiative and where a focus on results and mutual respect go hand in hand.

The objective towards society:

  • HTM-ip wants to have integrity, take responsibility and act with care towards its environment and wants to be seen as a sound company that operates within social standards and complies with applicable laws and regulations. HTM Industrial Partner aims to achieve first-class performance, high customer satisfaction and sustainability at all levels of the organisation and beyond.


In dimensions for milling up to 6000 mm x 2100 mm (1000 mm high) and turning up to Ø 900 mm and 3200 mm long.

  • Market leader: By achieving the following points.
  • Reliable: We do what we say with open communication.
  • Betrouwbare levering: We control the planning which allows us to give a predictable delivery date.
  • Quality: HTM Industrial Partner strives to deliver quality good products that demonstrably match customer wants and market expectations at competitive terms. In doing so, HTM Industrial Partner conforms to the ISO 9001-2015 standard for assessing its quality policy.


Trained professionals

HTM Industrial Partner employs well-trained professionals. They are the foundation of our company. The work is carried out in optimal working conditions, clean and orderly.
The innovative and informal atmosphere gives room for creative minds and for people who like to get down to work.


ISO 9001 Certified

HTM Industrial Partner stands for delivery reliability, high quality and maximum continuity; a claim we back up with constant measurements according to our ISO9001 manual. We have a conditioned measuring room with measuring instruments that are periodically calibrated by a certified external party. Our machinery consists of a wide variety of CNC machine tools and our business process is supported by a comprehensive ERP package.

Recognised learning company

HTM Industrial Partner is an approved training company, certified by SBB, and puts into practice its principle of teaching true craftsmanship on the shop floor in a very special way. The production manager is responsible for training “his” people. Committed and motivating. The transfer of knowledge, skills and love of the trade takes place on the floor. “If you don’t have a hobby, you will never become a good craftsman”.

HTM-IP recognises the importance of well-trained professionals and motivates its employees to engage in lifelong learning with ever-increasing specialisation. “A jack-of-all-trades is nice, but you can only use one leg”.


Large-format machining of high quality

  • Extreme accuracy, meet high standards and deliver the best quality
  • Suitable for highly demanding technical industries



  • Advanced modules
  • AS9001 Certified
  • Equipped for prototyping and series production


Complex machining

  • Meet very precise specifications and high accuracy
  • Turning, drilling and milling most materials



HTM Industrial Partner has CNC lathes capable of machining workpieces with a maximum diameter of Ø 960mm and a maximum length of 3.2 metres.
These CNC machines have driven tools so that hole patterns and/or slots can be applied in a single fixture.
We also have hydraulic glasses up to around 520mm.


  • Diameter up to Ø 1850mm
  • Driven tools


For larger milling jobs, HTM Industrial Partner has a number of milling machines, including a block bed milling machine, type Sachman MX 1000 for machining products up to 6 metres long, and a Lagun G Master MMT 3 RT with an 1100 mm x 1500 mm controlled table, automatically controlled head and tool change. We can also perform 5-axis Simultaneous milling on a Matec 30HV with a length of 4 metres.


  • Lengths up to 6 metres
  • 5-axis machining
  • 5-axis simultaneous
BrandTypeControlMax. turning diameter (mm)Max. part length (mm)Max. Speed RPMHydraulic glasses SMW
DoosanPuma 600LM Powered tool (drilling/tapping) Fanuc 32iTØ9003.2001.600Ø 100 to 520 mm
DoosanPuma 480 Powered tools (drilling/tapping) Fanuc 21iTØ6201.0001.500-
DoosanPuma 350LFanuc 18TØ5002.0003.000Ø 30 to Ø 245 mm
DaewooPuma 15Fanuc 16TØ7001.5002.000-
BrandTypeControlMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm) Max. movement Z (mm) Max. Speed RPM Features
SachmanMX1000 Blockbed milling machineHeidenhain 4266.0001.0002.1004.000Block bed 8,100 x 1,100 mm
LagunBM 3 RT Bed milling machine with 2700 mm swingHeidenhain 6403.0001.3001.5004.000Steered turntable 1,600 x 1,200 mm 6 tonnes
LagunMMT 3RT Bed milling machineHeidenhain 530i3001.5001.5002.000Steered turntable 1,200 x 1,500 mm
TigerRT3000 Bed milling machineHeidenhain 415B3.0001.5001.5002.000Steered turntable 1,100 x 1,500 mm
TigerBF2300 Bed milling machineHeidenhain 3602.1001.2001.2002.000Clamping table 2,300 x 800 mm

CNC 5-axis milling and CNC 3-axis vertical milling

BrandTypeControlTool magazineMax. movement X (mm) Max. movement Y (mm) Max. movement Z (mm) Clamping table (mm) Max. Speed RPM Features
Matec30HV 5-axis simultaneous operation Heidenhain iTHC 530 HSCI 48 4.000 1.100 800 4.500 x 800 9.000-42.000 Incl. rotary table C-axis Ø 800 L=3,400 mm between centres
DahlihMCW 2100 3-axis vertical Heidenhain 530i 32 2.100 850 760 2.300 x 970 8.000 -
HartfordPro-1000 3-axis vertical Heidenhain 530i 24 1.000 600 630 1.150 X 600 8.000 -


HTM Industrial Partner

Wheedwarsweg 4,

7471 GG Goor, the Netherlands

Tel.: +31 – (0)547 28 1010

E-mail:  verkoop@htm-ip.nl

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