Ultra high precision mechanical parts

HTM Precision is a world class organization active in the manufacturing of high precision mechanical components, structures and sub-assemblies. We guarantee that the parts and assemblies complies will all the strict requirements of our customers. We work through the entire lifecycle of products and services – from design through to maintenance, repair and on-site operations services. HTM Precision continuously invests in the quality of its products, people and services. Due to the high quality, speed and effectiveness of our work, we are a reliable long-term partner for the aerospace, space and defence markets for many years. We are known for our precision, our high level of attention to details, product quality, complete documentation, AS9100D standard and successful project management.


The unique thing about HTM Precision is that we take care of all products from start to finish, including surface treatments. With the use of advanced machining and ultra precision competences, we deliver sequences based on the customer’s drawing.

As part of HTM Technologies, HTM Precision is dedicated to the long-term mission to be an integrated solution provider for a high-tech market segments. In some cases, technical aspects are tackled together with the partners within HTM Technologies: HTM Aerotec and HTM PSM. Together we form the best one stop shop for precision solutions.

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HTM Precision is proud to say that our precision parts are highly valued by the aerospace, space and defence markets. Our motivated and experienced professionals have all the necessary skills, like grinding, honing and lapping. We deliver products that are fully compliant with the drawing and supplied with the correct administration and documentation. As precise as it can be.

  1. Work preparation

The first step of our workflow is to make plans that guarantee the right outcome. This starts with a good deliberation with the customer who makes the request, after which we make a detailed work preparation. After ordering and checking the material, all parts are released for production.


  1. Production

Our specialists in production work according to established methods and have an eye for the smallest details. An important element in guaranteeing the quality we stand for, is the constant checks by our measuring room. We leave no room for error.

  1. Extradition

When all products meet our quality standards and our customer’s wishes, the delivery starts. The final steps consist of checking, packing and shipping. The project is finished within the deadline and with the result that we had in mind at the beginning: mechanical parts made with ultra-high precision.


High precision machining

  • Extreme accuracy, meeting high standards and deliver the best quality.
  • Suitable for highly demanding technical industries.


Complex machining

  • Meeting very exact specifications and high accuracy.
  • Turning, drilling and milling almost all the materials.



  • Advanced aerospace and military modules
  • AS 9100D Standard
  • Equipped for Prototyping and Serial production



  • High precision metal components and advanced mechanical constructions.
  • Highly complex modules and systems.
  • Advanced sub-assemblies


  • Milling (3-, 4- and 5-axis)
  • Flat grinding
  • Coordinate grinding
  • Cutting
  • Planing
  • Machining
  • Turning (with high accuracy)
  • Lapping
  • Honing


Quality Certifications:

  • AS9100D, Quality management system – requirements for aerospace, space and defence organizations


DMG Mori NHX5500

High speed

  • Rapid traverse rate X-, Y- and Z-axes: 60 m/min (2,362.2 ipm)
  • acceleration: X-, Y- and Z-axes: 0.73 / 0.80 / 0.93 G {7.2 / 7.8 / 9.1 m/s2 (23.6 / 25.6 / 29.9 ft/s2)}
  • Cutting feedrate X-, Y- and Z-axes: 60 m/min (2,362.2 ipm)


High rigidity

  • Thick, high-rigidity bed
  • The 3-point support structure ensures a stable machine installation
  • Machining with shorter tools


High-precision equipment

  • High-resolution direct scale feedback
  • Draw-back function for through-spindle coolant

Hermle C32


  • Traverse path: 650 x 650 x 500 mm
  • Body: ø 650 / H 420 mm
  • Collision circle: ø 840 mm
  • vertical table clearance: 600 / 635 mm



  • Speed: 15.000/18.000/25.000/42.000 1/min
  • Rapid traverse linear X-Y-Z: (60)–45 (60)–40 (60) m/min.
  • Swivelling rotary table: dia. 650 x 540 mm
  • table load: 1.000 kg


The High-Performance Line C 32 has a number of highlights to offer

  • The right chip disposal equipment for removing all types of chip from the working area.
  • This high-performance machining centre can be transported without being dismantled and set up without a foundation.

Hermle C42U

As a milling/turning centre, the C 42 / C 42 U MT responds to demands for highest precision and very small tolerances through its workpiece-dimension-optimized traverse paths and thought-through 5-axis usage. You can discover more details about the C 42 / C 42 U MT via the i-buttons in the 360 degree view.



  • Traverse path: 800 x 800 x 550 mm
  • Body: ø 800 / H 560 mm
  • Collision circle: ø 990 mm
  • vertical table clearance: max. 700 mm



  • Speed: 15.000/18.000/25.000/42.000 1/min
  • Rapid traverse linear X-Y-Z: 45 (60)–45 (60)–40 (60) m/min.
  • Swivelling rotary table: ø 800 x H 630 mm
  • table load: 1.400 kg

Wenzel LH1210

  • The Y-axis guide-way is machined directly in the base plate, providing optimal long-term stability
  • Pre-stressed, encompassing air bearings in all axes
  • Active pneumatic vibration damping (Premium and Premium Select models only)
  • Compact HT 400 control panel with central, logarithmic joystick, “mouse function” and context-sensitive function buttons. Selectable joystick’s axis assignment
  • The X- and Y- guideways feature bellows protections against contamination
  • High-speed-dynamic servo drives with position monitoring, combined friction power transmission
  • Three-axis contouring controller with intelligent “look-ahead” function for application-optimised trajectory
  • Automatic on-line temperature compensation with sensors on machine axes and workpiece (Premium and Premium Select models only)
  • Two-stage speed selection and variable speed adjustment (override 0-100%) in all operation modes, resulting in sensitive movement via joystick or in CNC debugging
BrandTypeToolsPalletsMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. movement Z (mm)Speed RPM
BrandTypeToolsPalletsMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. movement Z (mm)Speed RPM
DMG MoriNHX55002402080080088016.000
Mori SeikiSH-4033603055050050010.000
Mori SeikiSH-4033603055050050010.000
BrandTypeToolsPalletsMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. movement Z (mm)Speed RPM
Mori SeikiMV-4030-5504004008.000
FehlmanPicomax 54 --6003005009.000
BrandTypeMax. turning diameter (mm)Max part length (mm)Speed RPM
OkumaLB 15 II M [driven tools] Bar-feederØ250 max Ø66 through spindle5003.000
OkumaLB 200 M [driven tools] Bar-feederØ200 max Ø41 through spindle3006.000
OkumaLB 300Ø250 max Ø66 through spindle1.0204.000
Schaublin180 CCN Ø200 max Ø41 through spindle6503.500
BrandTypeMax. turning diameter (mm)Max part length (mm)Speed RPM
SchaublinS 150Ø2006303.000
BrandTypeMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. movement Z (mm)Features
Struder S20-2Cylindrical grinding200200650Internal and external
Kellenberger URF-320Cylindrical grinding6306301.100Internal and external
Hauser-SIP S40, CNC 311Coordinate grinding650450500
Jung J 525Surface grinding1801800400
Sunnen MBB 1660 GHoning holes---Maximum ø 30 mm
BrandTypeMax. movement X (mm)Max. movement Y (mm)Max. movement Z (mm)Characteristics
WenzelLH 12101.2003.0001.000precision 2,6 µm+L/300
Zeiss Contura G21.0001.200600precision 1,9 µm+L/300
Zeiss MC 850850700600precision 1,9 µm+L/300
MitutoyoC 3200100-700contracer
Ulm01-600DTo calibrate measuring tools
MahrS3PRoughnes measurement
MitutoyoWizhardHardness measurement
Trimos 2 xTV 220Vertical measuring instrument
Trimos 2 xV 600+Vertical measuring instrument
MitutoyoLH-600EVertical measuring instrument
Two way video endoscoopIT conceptRound 4 mm, length 1.200 mm


Air conditioning-CMM room ± 1°C
Air conditioning-Machining department ± 1 °C
Sigurd StenhojHydraulic press60 Tons
MegaHydraulic press30 Tons
Heraeus OvenTU 60/60Oven till 400 °C


2002: Brandt FMI new building

2002: Brandt FMI new building

2020: Rebranding to HTM Precision, part of HTM Technologies.

2014: PM Precision since 2014.

As of the 18th of March 2014 the Brandt FMI activities will continue as a sister subsidiary of the PM-Group, located in Almere, The Netherlands. The advanced machining and ultra precision competences of Brandt FMI will continue under the name PM Precision and directly capital investments in high-tech equipment have been made.

2014: Until 2014 Brandt FMI was a well-known organization which operated in high level industries. Brandt FMI was a strong and certified supplier of ultra high precision parts and value engineered solutions for the Aerospace, Military and Maritime industries.

2005: Brandt merger of Dinfa Precision Parts production facility and Brandt FMI trained by Boeing to Quality Center of Excellence.

2003: Brandt acquisition of Hevan and Dinfa Precision Parts and expansion into series production.

2002: Brandt commissioning of new premises in Almere.


2000: Brandt start of extensive investment programme.

1987: Brandt Commissioning of a 6-axis Hauser coordinate grinding machine.

1983: Brandt as the fourth Dutch supplier certified according to ISO 9002.

1977: Brandt purchase of the first CNC-controlled machines.

1969: Brandt focus on precision under the name Brandt FMI (Fijnmechanische Industrie).

1950: Brandt specialisation in manufacturing precision products.

1945: Change of name to Brandt Motor Products after take-over by Chr.H. Brandt.

1900: Brandt grown up as a machine factory on the Slootstraat in Amsterdam.

1887: Brandt founded as a factory, house and stove smithy.


HTM Precision

De Strubbenweg 15

1327 GB Almere, The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 – (0)36 523 1398

E-mail: info.precision@htm-technologies.com

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